Solar pool heating

A solar pool heating system is a type of heating system that utilizes polypropylene collectors to heat pool water.

These collectors are made from high-quality and durable materials, specifically designed to absorb solar energy and transfer it to the pool water. The cold pool water circulates through the collectors, where it is heated by the sun. The heated water then returns to the pool, raising the water temperature. This process is continuously repeated, maintaining a pleasant pool temperature and significantly extending the swimming season.

  • Can be installed on any type of pool
  • Can be installed in various ways (vertical, horizontal, and diagonal)
  • Increases pool water temperature by approximately 7 degrees
  • No electricity costs
  • Can be easily deactivated during the summer months
  • For panel surface area, consider approximately 60% of the pool surface area

Indicative price for the most common pool size (8 x 4 x 1.5 m):

Depending on the location of the collectors: Approx. €3.500,- to €4.000,- including additional components/materials , installation, and IVA.

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