Huawei Smart Controller

The Huawei Smart Controller (optimizer) works in conjunction with the inverter to optimize the performance of individual solar panels, ensuring maximum efficiency of the solar panel system. Thanks to the optimizer, the system can deliver more power, even if some panels temporarily underperform due to shadow effects, or when the solar panels have different orientations or inclinations.

An additional advantage of an optimizer is that it allows you to monitor the individual performance of each panel through the solar panel system’s app.

Optimizers are not necessary in most common situations, and we will only offer them when they are needed for the proper operation of the solar panel system, or when you want to be able to see the individual performance per panel.

The cost of optimizers is: € 62 + IVA per solar panel

03710 solar power systems optimiser

Seamless integration with the solar panel system app

03710 solar power systems app optimisers

Huawei Smart PV Solutions

Experience perfect communication and seamless collaboration between all your devices within one system, accessible through a single app.

  • Smart PV (solar panels)
  • Smart Controller (optimizers)
  • Smart Storage (barrery storage)
  • Smart Charger (charging station electric vehicles)
  • Smart Guard (backup during power outages)
  • EMMA (Smart grid, optimization of solar energy)