Huawei EMMA

Huawei EMMA (Energy Management Assistant) is the intelligent energy assistant that utilizes AI and Big Data to maximize the efficiency of solar panel installations with battery storage.

EMMA consists of cloud computing software integrated into FusionSolar (Huawei’s solar panel installation app) along with a small hardware device capable of connecting to household appliances and home automation systems to intelligently manage solar energy. For example, EMMA can activate the air conditioning, car charger, or washing machine when there is an excess of energy, thereby optimizing the use of solar energy peak production. All of this occurs according to user-set priorities and across all devices connected to EMMA’s hardware device.

Indicative prices:

Expected in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Huawei EMMA is compatible with nearly all Huawei inverters installed by us and can be added to existing systems later on.

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Huawei Smart PV Solutions

Experience perfect communication and seamless collaboration between all your devices within one system, accessible through a single app.

  • Smart PV (solar panels)
  • Smart Controller (optimizers)
  • Smart Storage (barrery storage)
  • Smart Charger (charging station electric vehicles)
  • Smart Guard (backup during power outages)
  • EMMA (Smart grid, optimization of solar energy)