Charging stations (EV chargers)

The Huawei smart charger is an advanced charging station that can communicate with the solar panel system, enabling both systems to work together to charge your electric vehicle.

With unique advantages that most other chargers do not offer, the Huawei smart charger is one of the most intriguing charging stations currently available.

  • Seamless integration with the app of your solar panel system for perfect collaboration
  • Multiple charging modes provide greater flexibility according to your needs
  • Optimizes the use of solar energy by enabling charging only with excess solar power
  • Direct charging from the solar panels
  • Charging power of up to 22 kW, allowing for fast charging times
  • Easy adjustment of charging capacity via the app
  • Conveniently set charging sessions/calendars/schedules via the app
  • Automatic switching between single-phase and three-phase charging
  • Automatic authentication for charging cable security
  • Software is prepared for future “bidirectional charging”

Charging stations are available from: Approx. € 1.865,- including additional components/materials, installation, and IVA.

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Seamless integration with the app of your solar panel system.

Manage your charging station remotely and schedule charging sessions.

Adjust settings, choose charging modes, and more!