Huawei Smart Charger

The Huawei smart charger is an advanced charging station for electric vehicles that can communicate with the solar panel system.

  • Charging capacity from 1,4 kW to 22 kW
  • Optimizes the use of solar energy
  • Combine solar and grid power for fast charging times
  • Charging times, the method of charging, and the charging capacity can be easily adjusted remotely via the app

Indicative prices:

Single-phase: € 1.420 + IVA

Three-phase: € 1.640 + IVA

These prices include installation and administrative work.

Huawei smart charger laadstation solar power systems calpe.jpg-min

Perfect integration with the app of the solar panel system

App 3 - Solar Power Systems
app 1 - Solar Power Systems
App 4 - Solar Power Systems
App 5 - Solar Power Systems

Seamless communication among all devices within a single system and through a single app.

  • Solar panels
  • Battery storage
  • Smart PV optimisers
  • Smart charger (electric vehicle charging station)
  • Smart Guard (backup during power outages)
  • EMMA (AI smart energy management assistant)