Smart Charger

The Huawei Smart Charger is an advanced charging station for electric vehicles that can communicate with the solar panel system.

  • Charging capacity from 1,4 kW to 22 kW
  • Optimizes the use of solar energy
  • Combine solar and grid power for fast charging times
  • Charging times, charging methods, and charging capacity can be easily adjusted remotely via the app

Indicative prices:

Single-phase: € 1.615 including VAT

Three-phase: € 1.885 including VAT

These prices include installation and administrative work.

solar power systems calpe 2 smart charger

Seamless integration with the solar panel system app

solar power systems calpe fusion solar laadstation

Huawei Smart PV

Experience perfect communication and seamless collaboration between all your devices within one system, accessible through a single app.

  • Smart Energy Controller (inverter)
  • Smart Module Controller (optimizers)
  • Smart Storage (barrery storage)
  • Smart Charger (charging station electric vehicles)
  • Smart Guard (backup during power outages)
  • EMMA (AI smart grid – energy management assistant)