Smart Guard

With the Huawei Smart Guard, your home switches to power from the batteries within 20 milliseconds after a power outage from the main power grid, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

The Huawei Smart Guard distinguishes itself from a standard backup box by providing power to the entire home instead of just a specific group. As a result, no major modifications to the distribution board are required.

Indicative prices:

Expected in the fourth quarter of 2024.

The Huawei Smart Guard is compatible with virtually all Huawei inverters installed by us and can always be added to existing systems later.

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Huawei Smart PV

Experience perfect communication and seamless collaboration between all your devices within one system, accessible through a single app.

  • Smart Energy Controller (inverter)
  • Smart Module Controller (optimizers)
  • Smart Storage (barrery storage)
  • Smart Charger (charging station electric vehicles)
  • Smart Guard (backup during power outages)
  • EMMA (AI smart grid – energy management assistant)