Back-up box

A backup box enables electricity supply from the solar panel system during a power outage from the main power grid.

  • The power output is 5 kW (2.5 kW from batteries with 5 kWh battery storage and 5 kW from batteries with 10 to 30 kWh battery storage)
  • After a power outage, the system switches over within 3 seconds
  • Can be installed on all our single-phase and three-phase solar panel systems

Backup boxes are available from:

Single-phase: Approx. € 1.300,- including additional components/materials, installation, and IVA.

Three-phase: € 1.950,- including additional components/materials, installation, and IVA.

For more information and prices, contact us or visit our shop in Calpe.

Since the backup box requires 3 seconds to switch over and the grid operator is continuously working on improving the network, leading to a decrease in the frequency of power outages, the backup box only becomes a compelling option if you reside in an area where the grid experiences frequent and prolonged outages for several hours.

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