My solar panel app (Fusion Solar) is not transmitting any data and/or something has changed in my Wi-Fi network

Wenn die Fusion Solar App keine Daten zur Produktion und zum Verbrauch übermittelt und „offline“ oder „abnormale Kommunikationsstörung“ anzeigt, ist ein Kommunikationsproblem zwischen dem Wechselrichter und dem Internet aufgetreten.


Wichtig: Dies hat keinen Einfluss auf den Betrieb des Systems. Without communication between the inverter and the internet, the system continues to operate normally.


When this happens for the first time and nothing has changed in your Wi-Fi network, restarting the inverter will usually resolve this. During the restart, the inverter will try to establish a new connection to the Wi-Fi network. Always try to switch your internet router off and on, check whether your internet connection is active and whether all system switches are in the up position.


To restart the inverter:


1 – Set the black dial button at the bottom left of the inverter to „OFF“.
2 – Set the system switches (usually in a plastic box next to the inverter) down (“OFF“).
3 – Wait at least 10 minutes.
4 – Turn the system switches back up (“ON“).
5 – Set the black dial button at the bottom left of the inverter to „ON“ again. Wait at least 10 minutes.


If something has changed in your Wi-Fi network, such as a different provider, router, signal booster, signal strength, password or network name, or if restarting the inverter does not solve the communication problem, the inverter must be reconnected to the Wi-Fi network.


Click here to download the manual to connect the inverter to a WiFi network.


Would you like a technician to come to your home to do this for you? Then we can schedule an appointment on location. The costs for this are 45 euros + IVA.

I have forgotten my password for the solar panel app (Fusion Solar).

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset the password via the Fusion Solar app. To do this, go to the login screen in the app (the screen where you have to enter a username and password). Click on the blue link „forgot your password“. Follow the steps in the app to reset your password quickly and easily.


If your app tells you that you cannot reset your password because your account is not verified or you are unable to reset your password, please visit our store in Calpe where we can help you free of charge.